Crafting the Native American Love Flute

With this informative new E-Book you to can learn the Art of crafting this amazing instrument!

Craftsman of Cedars Song Flutes, Jim Adams, takes you step by step down the path towards the creation of your very own Native American Love Flute. The detailed instructions and numerous pictures and illustrations in this book will show you how to craft this amazing instrument. 

Learning the art of crafting the Native American Flute used to involve a lot of trial and error or individual instruction with an experienced Flute maker. Classes offered to instruct on crafting the Native American Flute can cost hundreds of dollars. Jim shows you the techniques and tips so that you can make your own Flute for a fraction of the cost, only $14.95, and in much less time! 

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


- Origin of the Native American Love Flute.
 - Stories of how this Flute came to be.
 - Today's Love Flute.

- Hard wood or Soft?
 - Obtaining good wood.

- Ancient Methods
 - Modern Methods

Description and basic principles of crafting.
- Crafting the flute body.
Crafting the Sound and Slow Air Chambers.
- Assembling the parts.
- Crafting the True Sound Hole (TSH)
- Tricks and Tips.
- Advanced Techniques.

 - Traditional Tuning
 - Modern Tuning


- It's a Healthy Thing!
- Basic Instruction





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Welcome to the Exciting World of the Native American Love Flute!

This E-book will take you step by step down the path to creating your very own Native American Love Flute.
Below you will find a description of what is contained in each chapter. Use the links on the left side of this page to go directly to a specific chapter or follow the "Next Page" link on the bottom of each page. 

Introduction - Here you will find an overview of what this E-Book is about and why I wrote it.

History - This style of Flute has been played for centuries by Native American Peoples and is the only instrument indigenous to North America. Read the History chapter for stories, real and mythological on the history of the Native American Flute.

Wood Selection - Whether you plan a trip to the local lumber yard or have decided to harvest your own special wood, we will take a look at the more popular wood types used in making a Flute.

Tools - The Native American Love Flute can be crafted using only basic tools found in most handy persons workshop. I'll discuss the various tools you'll need for crafting a routed bore Flute.

Crafting the Flute - An illustrated course on how to make the Native American Love Flute. Follow along as I show you step by step the way to make your own Flute. I'll show you the tricks of the trade as well as discuss some advanced techniques that take this ancient instrument into the future.

Tuning the Flute - In this chapter we will discuss various tunings as well as how to tune the Flute we make in this book.

Playing the Flute - In this chapter you'll find some basic instructions on how to play your Flute. Trust me, it's easier than it sounds!

Care of the Flute - With just minimal maintenance your Flute will last a lifetime and can be a treasured heirloom to be passed on to further generations.

Enjoy your Flute Journey!
                       ~Jim Adams 

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